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October 23, 2013
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My top ten favorite dragons by porygon2z My top ten favorite dragons by porygon2z
this is NOT my meme
nor are any of the character images
this goes to :iconaustria-man:

here i got my listed interested dragons

10. Blue eyes white dragon (yu-gi-oh)_seto kaibas favorite monster is also mine
hopefully its yours too

9. Rayquaza (pokemon)_and we have a legendary pokemon here for number 9
...and thats about it

8. Singe (dragons lair)_yup, hes the main dragon of the games
then dirk slays him and reclaims princess daphne
enough said

7. Shenlong (dragon ball Z)_im not a fan of dragon ball, but shenlong looks pretty cool

6. Dragonoid (bakugan)_hes been my favorite bakugan monster since i started watching the show
i even have the drago bakugan figure itself

5. Bowser (super mario bros)_okay, hes not a dragon, hes a turtle, but hes been added to some other peoples memes too, so i did the same

4. Garchomp (pokemon)_i saw how its cynthias best pokemon
garchomp really is a strong dragon pokemon, though it never ranks out from the legendaries

3. Spyro_i never even played any of his games, but hes still cool-looking

2. Slifer the sky dragon (yu-gi-oh)_if you know me, you should've known i'd add an egyptian god monster here

1. Spike (my little pony friendship is magic)_hes been added to a lot of peoples memes
as for my opinion, spikes indeed adorable and he has really good episodes, except in "just for sidekicks", cause that's where i actually don't like his behavior or troubles
hes still the best sidekick for twilight, and thats what i have to say

now whos your most fave?

meme (c) :iconaustria-man:…
Austria-Man Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
Thank you so much for using my meme! I have Shenlong, Spyro and Slifer in my own list too.
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